Thursday, January 19, 2012

' Biomorphy ' 2012, solo painting and photography exhibition by Flora Mavrommati


"BIOMORPHY" ˂ bio + morph = life form [ from the Greek: βίος + μορφή]: Shapes from Chloris captured in Australia’s nature.Life forms that appear bilaterally symmetrical, like the biological structure of leaves and flowers, or the structure of reproductive systems of animals. In this exhibition, biomorphy is used as a metaphor, reflecting human resemblance to the natural world. Mavrommati’s work explores the polarities in humans and nature, but also the asymmetries and connections, such as the brain’s relationship to our body.

image: "Alia- Emersion of Aphrodite", 2011, acrylic on canvas , 61x76cm, copyright of the artist 

Chrissie Cotter Gallery

Opening: Wed 29  February 2012 ,6-8pm
Duration: 29 Feb   - 4 March 2012, 11am - 4pm
Pidcock st. Camperdown NSW 2050
 Sydney, Australia
0406 957 339