Thursday, January 23, 2014

'My Unique Self"

‘My unique self'

Artists responded to this call out :
Challenge the conventional gender/race/skin color limitations.

Show your unique gender that otherwise would have been the opposite one. Show both your genders as one or a third one.

What if your skin is white but you are black, yellow or red? Show your unique skin color and racial characteristics.

I show my unique self with a photo, painting, sculpture, sketch, painting, a musical piece, a poem, a performance, dance, with my own style of dressing. Whether it is a re-invention of myself or not, it is a representation or metaphor of my genuine self. A self portrait. All experiments welcome.

Ένας ταξιδιώτης είμαι...
Κι ένας πλοηγός...
Και κάθε στιγμή, ανακαλύπτω μιά καινούργια πτυχή μέσα μου.
Μιά φορά μόνον βουβάθηκα...
Όταν κάποιος με ρώτησε, Ποιος Είσαι......'

Khalil Gibran

'I am a traveler ..
And a navigator.
And each time, I discover a new aspect within me.
Only once I was speechless ...
When someone asked me, Who are you ...'
Khalil Gibran