Monday, April 22, 2013

Verge Gallery, April 2013,Collaboration between Eora -SCA

Flora Mavrommati : images for  'Sand Goddess', 'Goddess with Crescent and Sun','Ankh' :
The photos were created during August 2012 in Cyprus after the excavation project at the Sanctuary of Aphrodite and the Rantidi Forest. They are ideograms of the Goddess ,that were revealed in found natural objects, which I had been offered to decipher, as a researcher and 'excavator'. The photos gave an inspiration to more artists  to present their archaeology related works. In these images first is the crossed shaped figurine of the Goddess in anthropomorphic T form. Second  in the shape of Y is the Ka, Egyptian symbol  of protection and the union between body and spirit and third is the Ankh, Key of Life.

Spirit and the feminine is worshipped in geographically distinct cultures, like native aboriginal Australian and Cypriot. This is a collaborative painting by Flora Mavrommati (SCA) and Timothy Williams (Eora Tafe) the video projection of process was filmed and edited by Flora Mavrommati, and the installation was a concept by Dr Greg Shapley.

Artists' inspiration: Cultures from two very distinct places of the world, Cyprus and Australia, recognize the same creative force of Nature. Bodies and Spirits, Female and Male, Lunar and Solar we all share with Earth..

From the exhibition 'Working Title: a collaborative exhibition between Eora College and Sydney College of the Arts students' which took place in conjunction with the USU Indigenous Festival 2013
Verge Gallery,University of Sydney, 18 April-3 May 2013,
curated by Fiona Dorrell and Meghan Rheynolds

 a video recording during the last night of the exhibition :'Music moving, moving image':